Logstash id fetching different date / time stamp from DB


I am fetching data from postgres table which contains 2 date fields. The result JSON (fetched using Kibana) is like below;

  "_index": "mylogs-2017-02-01",
  "_type": "logs",
  "_id": "AVn5ff7dDzMvfhs004x9",
  "_score": null,
  "_source": {
	"error_name": "error1",
	"request": null,
	"response": "0",
	"req_time": "01-02-2017 11:41:13.076 AM",
	"restime": "2017-02-01T11:41:13.078Z",
	"reqtime": "2017-02-01T11:41:13.076Z",
	"@timestamp": "2017-02-01T11:41:13.076Z",
	"@version": "1",
  "fields": {
	"req_time": [
	"@timestamp": [
	"restime": [

reqtime and restime are fetched as such, without conversion (they are date fields), but req_time is a converted field (using to_char).

The problem here is, actually, reqtime and restime are displayed as wrong in Kibana Table Tab (on in JSON tab). The entries coming in Table tab are February 1st 2017, 17:11:13.076 and February 1st 2017, 17:11:13.078 for req_time and res_time respectively. This is also affecting the time range that I pick in Kibana to display logs. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance..

Issue was related with Kibana and not Logstash. Changed Kibana time zone and everything is fine.

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