Logstash import two columns

I use JDBC driver to connect Logstash with a data base and run a SP in statement.
the result of SP is one number(integer) and two columns.
I want to send these into one log in Elasticsearch

Could you please tell me how can I write the filter?
For example: I wrote this for the integer:

filter {
    mutate {
        add_field => {count => "%{untitled}"}
        convert => {count => integer}

What can I do for two columns?!?

Hi Farid,

To better understand the question, you run a SP, and it gives you a total of 3 columns in a single event. One column is an integer and the other two columns are not an integer?

What happens if you index this event? How does it look in ES?

Thank you NerdSec for your response.
No, actually the SP from data base returns 3things:
one number and two columns
I know how to filter my number(as I wrote before)
But I do not know how to filter and change the name of columns, or separate the values in one column. For example shall I do this?!?

filter {
    mutate {
        split => { "fieldname" => "," }

All in all if I want to wrap everything up, I did not faced a column to index to Elasticsearch. I already import a log(just an integer number) via Logstash but I have not experience with how to import a column (or maybe a string) into elastcisearch

I'm sorry, I couldn't quite understand the scenario.

Could you post some dummy data of how it looks in ES? And how do you want it? This would be a lot easier

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