Logstash index automatically delete when new is created

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I want to create a script that previous day index got deleted when new index created in logstash config file.

Index1: 2018-01-01
Index2: 2018-01-02

Dinesh D


Instead of deleting index daily, create an index with unique id, so that you can update your data daily from the same index. Deleting index is not a good approach.

Why not just use a custom _id for each document, so that the next time it gets sent to Elasticsearch it just overwrites the existing one?

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Hi Balumurari,

Actually the index created based on the current date and my question is to keep only 7 days indices and past indices to be deleted.
And for this week indices should be deleted automatically when new week index is created.

Please suggest.

Dinesh D

(Mark Walkom) #4

For now, use Elasticsearch Curator.

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