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Dear colleague,

We are exporting the Azure application insight data to Azure storage. The data is available and we are using "logstash-input-azureblob" to push this data to ELK stack. The logstash config is as below

storage_account_name => "aaa"
storage_access_key => "blabla++"
container => "appinsightcontiniousexport"
codec => "json"
interval => 10
output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["http://psobai-elk-dev.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com:80/elasticsearch"]
index => "azurefunctionshealthlogs"

We are facing following problems:

  1. How to define from which date this plugin should start fetching the data?
  2. Currently it is fetching the data from Availability folder only and fetching one record after each 15 minutes.

Can you please let us know the correct configuration to fetch the data from all folders of container and it should be fast..

Waiting for your quick and fast response.


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