Logstash Input Filter By Date

I have Elasticsearch Kibana and Logstash version 5.6.2 all running on WIndows 2012 R2. I am reading input from a .txt file. I have one .txt file for the current day that is always updating with new, live events and an archived file for every day up to 90 days old. I need logstash to only read input from the current day and ignore the other 89 days worth of .txt files. I might be over thinking this but how can I do that? Right now I have to change the config file every morning to the current date and as I am trying to automate everything, this is counterproductive. I need a way to keep my config file the same and only read in the current day's .txt file.

Thanks in advance!

If I use the * wldcard to read all .txt files and use ignore_older => 86400 (24 hours in seconds), will that work?

Should work.

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