Logstash is not loading the filter conf files

HI Team,

we have upgrade our ELK stack from V5.0.1 to V6.8.1. Basically we moved to docker containers. we are having an issue with new logstash and the necessary fields are not showing in kibana.

we have the same conf files from old logstash (version 5.0.1) to new logstash (6.8.1 version), after that fields are not creating. so i have enabled the trace and found the conf files are skipping. Can you please help me here?

[2020-07-17T16:29:43,836][DEBUG][logstash.config.source.local.configpathloader] Skipping the following files while reading config since they don't match the specified glob pattern {:files=>["/etc/logstash/conf/test.conf", "/etc/logstash/conf/test1.conf", "/etc/logstash/conf/test2.conf", "/etc/logstash/conf/test3.conf"]} 

Are you using pipelines.yml? If so, what does it look like? If not, what is path.config set to? (The debug messages should include it.)

i have set path.config as mentioned below

path.config: /etc/logstash/conf

Here is DEBUG logs

Not so. The debug logs show

[logstash.runner          ] *path.config: "/etc/logstash/conf/logstash.conf"

So it looks through the /etc/logstash/conf directory and tells you it is ignoring everything except logstash.conf

Yeah, correct. is there any other i can fix this issue?

Change the setting of path.config?

i have included our filter configuration in /etc/logstash/conf/logstash.conf, and my issue is resolved. Thanks!

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