Logstash is not pushing log to ES when using it as a service through nssm

Hi, I tried with command line as below and it works fine.

logstash -f C:\ELK\logstash-6.3.0\bin\logstash.conf

But when I use nssm to make Logstash as a Windows service.
logs are not pushing to Elasticsearch anymore.


I've tried different argument:

-f C:\ELK\logstash-6.3.0\bin\

agent -f C:\ELK\logstash-6.3.0\bin\logstash.conf

but still not working.

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks

What's in logstash.conf?

Hi, I found the problem.
Its related to the account permission.
I changed to another account to run the service then it works

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