Logstash is not reading files in conf.d when running as a service(using NSSM) on windows

(rajesh) #1


I am running Logstash as a service on windows using NSSM, but it's not picking conf files from conf.d. I gave the path to config files in logstash.yml.

When I pass the arguments(in NSSM) as '-f C:logstash\install\bin\myfile.conf' it works fine but it's not working when I pass the arguments(in NSSM) as '--config C:\logstash\conf.d'

Can someone please help resolve the issue?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

The -f flag can take a file or a directory, so I think it should be -f C:\logstash\conf.d.

(rajesh) #3

Thanks Christian. It is working now.

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