Logstash is not reading CSV file

i am trying to read a CSV file and seems Logstash is not reading the file. Currently it is stuck at

D:\Tools\ELK\logstash-2.4.0\bin>logstash --allow-env agent -f test.conf
Settings: Default pipeline workers: 4
Pipeline main started

My config looks like

input {
 file {
	path => "D:\Tools\ELK\logstash-2.4.0\bin\result.csv"
	type => "jmeter"
	start_position => "beginning"
	ignore_older => 0
filter {
      csv {
    	columns => ["time", "elapsed", "label", "responseCode", "threadName",
	            "success", "bytes", "grpThreads", "allThreads", "Latency",
	            "SampleCount", "ErrorCount", "Hostname"]
output {  
 elasticsearch { 
 hosts => ["localhost:9200"] 
 index => "%{type}-%{+dd.MM.YYYY}"
  stdout { codec => rubydebug }


Can anyone help to point out the issue

The flow is
I am running a jmeter test which gives CSV as a output
Logstash is running and listening to the file

It's not stuck, it's waiting for new data to be added to the file.

I also assumed the same so did the process real time ... continuously data is being appended in the file

Any pointers will help. Currently stuck

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