Logstash is trying to connect to xpack in logstash-oss 7.0.1 version


I am using elasticseach-oss 7.0.1 and logstash-oss 7.0.1 rpms in my docker image, both with searchguard. Elasticsearch is getting deployed and searchguard index is getting created. But when I deploy logstash, it keeps restarting and is going in error state with the following error:
" LogStash::Outputs::ElasticSearch::HttpClient::Pool::BadResponseCodeError: Got response code '500' contacting Elasticsearch at URL 'https://elasticsearch.xxxxxx:9200/_xpack' "

my query is: why is it trying to connect to xpack when I am using oss version? How can I resolve this error?

I found this issue, which seems to indicate there may be something wrong with Logstash packaging. If this seems similar to your issue I would recommend you add details about your versions there as well.

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@Christian_Dahlqvist Thank you for your response.
I have added my details on the issue you have mentioned.

This is a packaging issue that are fixed in further releases.

However, for 7.0.1, setting ilm_enabled => false in logstash configuration for elasticsearch output resolved this issue.

Refer this and this link for details.


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