Logstash jms input plugin: Has anybody been able to configure the plugin to use a IBM MQ Topic?

I've been trying to get the plugin to work with a topic, however I keep getting a wrong number of arguments (2 for 1) exception and the JMS Consumer dies . I have gotten the plugin to work with queue's before and using that configuration as a base I created this:

logstash.conf file:
jms {
yaml_file => "/usr/share/logstash/jms.yml"
yaml_section => "wmq"
include_header => true
include_properties => true
include_body => true
use_jms_timestamp => true
destination => "TOPIC"
interval => 1
pub_sub => true

:factory: com.ibm.mq.jms.MQTopicConnectionFactory
:queue_manager: QM
:host_name: HOST
:port: 1414

Transport Type: com.ibm.mq.jms.JMSC::MQJMS_TP_CLIENT_MQ_TCPIP

:transport_type: 1
:username: usr
:password: pass
- /usr/share/logstash/com.ibm.mqjms.jar

As I have mentioned; I was able to access queue's by setting the "factory" to com.ibm.mq.jms.MQTopicConnectionFactory and setting the pub_sub value to false.

Could somebody please give me some pointers or an example of where to go from here?


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