Logstash json file for twitter search

Good evening community,

I'm new to elastic and logstash and I'm doing some work on twitter's feelings analysis.

I created this .json file:

input {
twitter {
consumer_key => ".."
consumer_secret => "..."
oauth_token => "..."
oauth_token_secret => "..."
keywords => ["@user"]

output {
elasticsearch {
index => "twitter_ex"
id => "teste1_id"

But if within the keywords array insert the user name in order to get your tweets (eg @asas) I get quite a few errors. The question is:

1- Is it possible to search for twittes of a specific user?

2- Using this file and using a particular keyword, I get recent results, is there any way to get older results for a better analysis?

Thank you and I apologize for the questions.


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