Logstash - JSON Filter to get inner json fields


This is my event log,

{'_index': 'logstash-2020.05.03', '_type': '_doc', '_id': 'xXKW2XEB43wd9fLrXQnQ', '_score': 1.0, '_source': {'@version': '1', 'beat': {'version': '6.2.4', 'name': 'cb-rekha.local', 'hostname': 'cb-rekha.local'}, '@timestamp': '2020-05-03T08:10:40.400Z', 'thread': 'Thread-2', 'timestamp': '2020-05-02 22:20:56.155', 'level': 'INFO', 'message': 'Thread 13 is running', 'offset': 4352, 'context': 'default', 'mdc': {'cardNo': '123456789012934', 'domain': 'Mytest-domain', 'ThreadNumber': '6'}, 'source': '/Users/cb-rekha/logging-poc/logs/app1.json', 'logger': 'xxxxxxxx'}}

I'm trying to parse only the "_source" in this JSON and also to remove certain fields under _source and then send it to Elastic search.

I want to post the document in that specific index and document id from the input event so that it would update already existing documents in ES.

Below is my logstash conf file.

input {
     kafka {
         bootstrap_servers => "localhost:9092"
         topics => ["esToKafka"]

 filter {
  json {
    remove_field => ["@version", "@timestamp"]
    source => "message"
    target => "myjson"
    remove_field => "message"
 # json {
 #   source => "_source"
 #   remove_field => ["@beat", "@version", "@timestamp"]
 # }
 # prune { whitelist_names => [ "_source" ] 
 # }
  # json_encode { 
  # source => "_source"
  # remove_field => ["_score", "_type"]
  # } 
 output {
  elasticsearch { 
  hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
  index => "%{_index}"
  document_id => "%{_id}"
  user => "admin"
  password => "admin"
  ssl => true
  ssl_certificate_verification => false
  ilm_enabled => false
  stdout { }

I tried out different filters but not able to get the source field and the value for index and document_id correctly. Someone please help :slight_smile: thanks in advance.

I think you need to set decorate_events => true in your input. Then you can access these fields with something like [@metadata][_index]

I haven't used this particular plugin so someone might correct me but was trying to do something similar with another setup and that seems to be the equivalent way in your setup.

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