Logstash kafka input plugin:can not read data from kafka

Now,my logstash can not consume data from kafka;
logstash configuration:
input { kafka { bootstrap_servers => group_id => } } filter{ XXXX } output{ elasticsearch{XXX} }

when i see logstash comsuer offset from kafka, i found
Group Topic Pid Offset logSize Lag Owner
logstash log-xxx 0 544167 3598995 3054828 none

and the offset can not be changed,

So i add the configuation: enable_auto_commit=false ; then logstash can read data?
why??? maybe zookeeper can not working well????

anyone help???

  1. Check if kafka broker is running.
  2. Make sure you have the ff config in your input
    kafka {
    topics => ["mytopic"]
    bootstrap_servers => "host1:port,host2:port"

yes,kafka broker is running; and by kafka console consumer,we can get data;

and i have correct config about logstash


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