Logstash Logs output for jdbc

I have a silly question::

I have several jdbc pipelines setup that pull data directly from a sql database. Short of the following that shows up in my logs

[2022-10-28T18:40:00,344][INFO ][logstash.inputs.jdbc ] (0.029206s) SELECT

How can I actually track the start time, Stop Time, records transferred, and maybe errors on a single pipeline run? I do not see a stopped time. I do know if I stop logstash and restart the service that it writes to the logs "started" but that isnt the actual start time of the ingest.

I've looked out using outputs but again nothing seems to be working as expected for some reason.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Can you provide few (different) lines of messages to see which columns do you have?

This is the only log that I see coming out that makes sense. The others are started and shut down. Which I believe are both related to starting / stopping the logstash service

logstash does not log that.

The monitoring API allows you to see how many events an input has generated. Depending on how often you sample the data that might allow you to infer start/stop times and event counts. You can use metricbeat to collect that data and Kibana to visualise it.

Ah you want LS monitoring. As Badger said, URL will provide LS pipeline monitoring. Check this how to set the monitoring.
Also you can track the monitoring in Kibana->Stack Monitoring->Logstash. It will be easier to track if you set plugin's IDs

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