Logstash multi pipeline can´t connect to one elasticsearch node

Im trying to set up a complete kpi preformance tracking for my system.
At the moment im using elasticsearch 7.1, packetbeat 7.1 logstash 7.1 and a MySQL DB.
My tracking includes following components:

  • Elasticsearch response time and count of found results
  • MySQL count of all open sessions

By now the elasticsearch tracking works fine
But when I try to use logstash multi pipeline mode to send the data to my kpi-elasticsearch node it returns connection refused for my second pipeline.

My first pipeline got following data flow:

packetbeat -> logstash -> kpi-elasticsearch port: 9200 index: packetbeat

for my second pipeline im using logstash jdbc-input plugin and got following data flow:

logstash -> kpi elasticsearch port: 9200 index: mysql

Now my question is: How can I connect two pipelines to the same elasticsearch node but write into different index from one logstash instance with mulipipeline mode?
Is there any workaround I could use?
And what would be best practice for such a Situation.

Not sure I understand the issue. If you have two pipelines then they can both have elasticsearch outputs and those can write to different indexes.

I´ve found the problem...
My elasticsearch server was configured to only accept connections from one port...
So when I tried to create a second connection to my elasticsearch server it refused the connection.

Sry for wasting your time.