Logstash multiple pipeline configuration using logstash helm chart

While configuring multiple pipeline using logstash (version 7.13.1) helm chart , the values.yaml is having a section

# Allows you to add any pipeline files in /usr/share/logstash/pipeline/
### ***warn*** there is a hardcoded logstash.conf in the image, override it first
logstashPipeline: {}
#  logstash.conf: |
#    input {
#      exec {
#        command => "uptime"
#        interval => 30
#      }
#    }
#    output { stdout { } }

But logstash documentation regarding configuring multiple pipeline says to define pipeline like below -Multiple Pipelines | Logstash Reference [7.13] | Elastic

- pipeline.id: my-pipeline_1
  path.config: "/etc/path/to/p1.config"
  pipeline.workers: 3
- pipeline.id: my-other-pipeline
  path.config: "/etc/different/path/p2.cfg"
  queue.type: persisted

I'm a bit confused where to define the pipeline configs like (pipeline.id, pipeline path and pipeline workers) and where to define the input, filter and output configuration for each pipeline
as per the values.yaml specified.

Is there a documentation available which speaks about logstash multiple pipeline configuration using helm charts

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