Logstash MultiPipeline

Hello ,
I want to use several pipeline .
I had put them in the logstash directory conf.d .
I named the files like this

Must I do anything else for work with the pipelines ?
Does it work automaticaly like this ?
When I read "Multiple Pipelines" it's only for multi directory


For multiple pipelines most define them in pipelines.yml and put the entire input, filter, and output in the same file.

- pipeline.id: my-pipeline_1
  path.config: "/etc/path/to/config/files/pipeline1.conf"
- pipeline.id: my-pipeline_2
  path.config: "/etc/path/to/config/files/pipeline2.conf"

If you want to make your input, filter, and output separate files then you can use a wildcard when defining where your configuration files are within your pipelines.yml like below.

- pipeline.id: my-pipeline_1
  path.config: "/etc/path/to/config/files/*.conf"

The above will read all the .conf files within that folder.

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Ok thanks you

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