Logstash ----No configuration found in the configured sources

Hi All

Im new to Elastic and I ave just brought up my system

Centos 7 + ELK + Filebeat + Metricbeat

I have configured syslog to receive logs from my Sophos firewall and that is working just fine

The ELK system is loaded as per standard settings and I can login to the kibana console.

When I have configured filebeat and logstash cant see the syslog values being populated in the logs tab in Kibana

I checked the logstash logs and here is what I get :-

[ERROR][logstash.config.sourceloader] No configuration found in the configured sources.

Any help please !!!!

Also other question related to this

The system is a VM with 2 vCPU and 8 GB RAM.

This is a test system for POC
1.What is the production version requirements
2. I have 4 firewalls and a bunch of switches and other servers to be logged so has anyone set this ELK stack up in their LAN instead of using the cloud ???

Thanks and regards

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