Logstash not able to connect to presto using logstash


We have a cassandra database from where we were fetching data and it used to work properly. Now we are asked to connect to presto sitting on top of cassandra. After changing the driver class and path to presto I keep getting the no suitable driver found. I also added the driver to logstash-core/lib/jar. The issue still persists.

Sample of logstash conf below

            # mysql jdbc connection string to our backup databse
            jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:pretso://"

            # the user we wish to excute our statement as
            jdbc_user => "elk_user"
            jdbc_password => "Zsw2@Mji9@elk"

            # the path to our downloaded jdbc driver
            jdbc_driver_library => "/usr/share/logstash/logstash-core/lib/jars/presto-jdbc-0.218.jar"

            # the name of the driver class for mysql
            jdbc_driver_class => "com.facebook.presto.jdbc.PrestoDriver"

            # the control statement
            #type => "product"
            statement => "SELECT * FROM db.performance where time_stamp > '2019-03-27T00:00:00' AND time_stamp < '2019-03-28T00:00:00' ALLOW Filtering"

Error Message

[ERROR] 2019-04-11 10:22:45.714 [[main]<jdbc] jdbc - Unable to connect to database. Tried 1 times {:error_message=>"Java::JavaSql::SQLException: No suitable driver found for
[ERROR] 2019-04-11 10:22:45.760 [[main]<jdbc] pipeline - A plugin had an unrecoverable error. Will restart this plugin.

Is it pretso or presto?

Damn....Missed a simple typo. Thanks for pointing it out.

Presto looks interesting.

I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it. Please feedback progress and success.

Sure.....I am now having trouble with certificates looks like I need to add certificates to jdbc connection.

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