Logstash not create index in Elasticsearch

So, i want to send my CSV file in my laptop to elasticsearch to build a dashboard. I have configured the conf files and it success on my logstash, but the index not readable by elastic ? why ?

here's the logs "response: {"index"=>{"_index"=>"asum-2023.09.20", "_id"=>nil, "status"=>404, "error"=>{"type"=>"index_not_found_exception", "reason"=>"no such index [asum-2023.09.20] and [action.auto_create_index] ([.monitoring*,.watches,.triggered_watches,.watcher-history*,.ml*]) doesn't match", "index_uuid"=>"na", "index"=>"asum-2023.09.20"}}}"

Hi @Raffy_Revanza,

Welcome to the community! It might be that logstash doesn't have access to that index. Can you share your Logstash config?

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Here's my conf file :

Most likely the user raffyask doesn't have rights to create the index. Go to Kibana and add.

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