Logstash not creating ES indexes


I have made an update from ES 1.4.x and Logstash 1.4.x to the current release versions (2.3.x) on a 3 node cluster. My old data is still available and with a few changes to the logstash.conf (deprecated functions/options) I got that running as well, but logstash is not creating indexes anymore. If I manually create the index the data is stored as expected -> the forwarder seems to be ok as well as the filter section of the conf.

My output

output {
    elasticsearch { 
        hosts => ["", "", ""]
        cluster => "mylog"
        index => "logstash-${app-name}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"
        document_type => "%{type}"

The cluster option is not documented elsewhere, but I found this thread and gave it a try..

Thanks for any advice!

It was the problem described here:

=> solved