Logstash not starting

I am trying to run Logstash on my window machine but unable to do so due below error

\Eclipse was unexpected at this time.

Command used to run the logstash

logstash.bat -f logstash.conf

Version of Logstash - 7.16.3

logstash.conf entry -

Sample Logstash configuration for creating a simple

Beats -> Logstash -> Elasticsearch pipeline.

input {
stdin {}

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => ["http://localhost:9200"]
index => "sample_records1"

Please let me know if any other information required.

Do you have a space embedded in the path to the logstash directory? This is not supported.

Use the command:
C:\ELK\Logstash\bin\logstash.bat -f C:\ELK\Logstash\conf.d\logstash.conf --path.settings C:\ELK\Logstash\Config

Change c:\elk to your paths

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