Logstash Null Value

I want to display null value from the below log in Kibana.
"Roles changed for user 'AIPTEST\geetanjali.j.podal' from "" to "ContentAdmin""

I can able to capture at 'https://grokdebug.herokuapp.com/' by using below Patterns and not able to capture through logstash config and Kibana as well.

"(?<role_type>\b\w+\b\s\b\w+\b) for user '%{WORD:domain}\%{USERNAME:role_changed_for}' from \"(?<role_from>.*)\" to \"(?<role_to>.*)\"\t%{USERNAME:id6}"

Result looks like this when i debug at 'https://grokdebug.herokuapp.com/'
"role_from": [
"role_to": [
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Please format your regular expression as code so it doesn't get mangled.

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for your response, i am not clear about what your referring, you mean custom pattern?

If custom pattern please help me in doing.

Your regular expression has (most likely) been screwed up when you posted here since sequences like <whatever> are replaced with an empty string. Please edit your post, select the regular expression, and click the </> button in the toolbar. I don't want to guess what your regular expression looks like.

I did, as you mentioned

You didn't format the whole expression as code so I still had to hand edit it to get it to work.

This works with the example input that you provided:

filter {
  grok {
    match => ["message", "(?<what>\b\w+\b\s\b\w+\b) for user '%{WORD:domain}\\%{USERNAME:role_changed_for}' from \"(?<role_from>.*)\" to \"(?<role_to>.*)\""]
    keep_empty_captures => true

The keep_empty_captures option is the key.