Logstash on cifs mounted windows drive

I have to pull in some logs which will be dumped on a shared windows drive.

  • The files are small. But their number will be high.
  • There is no chance of files appearing again once they have been processed and deleted.
  • The file names have timestamp and hence will be unique.

ELK stack is running on Linux. I have been able to mount the windows drive via cifs.

I had in past tried to pull in logs from a shared drive using filebeats running on a windows machine. And I quickly got burnt (Re-Ingesting of existing data).

So I am being extra cautious.
The plan is:

  • Logstash to monitor the shared drive mounted via cifs.
  • On finding a file we process it and then let Logstash delete the file from the shared folder to avoid ingesting it again.

This is the config I have now:

		path => "/Data/*.csv"
		start_position => "beginning"
		mode => "read"
		sincedb_path => "/Data/logstash/fileTracker.txt"
		id => "my_file_input"

Please let me know of any potential issues you see with this setup.

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