Logstash on port 10514. need help for my assignment, thankyou


so, i need to take data from port 10514 on server from my virtual machine. i’ve tried but i didn’t success yet . can you help me to configure the logstash?

my logstash-syslog.conf content is like this :

and the output is like this, it shows that logstash just taking local log (host : not server log (it must be fortinet).

this is different from my other post, and someone told me to move it here. thankyou.

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If you click the edit button beside the subject you can select a different category, it would be better to do that as it preserves the history in the thread.


oh sorry i didn't know that as i'm new in here. u can just tell me. and i already delete the one in kibana topic.

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You mean this one, it's not deleted so please just edit and move it :slight_smile:


it's different. u can read it first, there's no post like this in there :slight_smile:

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