Rebooting server with logstash


I recently discovered that there was no spaces left in the disk's server so I erased files and reboots Then one Logstash pipeline doesn't work but Idk why, because I receive logs from the other pipeline. Nothing has changed, I was wondering if anyone would've had the same problem than me.


I have new infos, I receive now from the two pipelines, the only thing is: Logstash is listening to the 5514 port and I redirect the 514 port to the 5514 server side.

I successfully get logs in kibana, but not from every machines .. I used tcpdump to see if the machine I'm supposed to receive logs from is really sending me logs, and yes it is. So, how can it be possible to not seeing it in kibana, if the logs are sending well, the 514 ports is listening well (Coz I receive logs from other devices) and the redirection aswell ?

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