Kibana - from browser (not from localmachine)

I have elasticsearch/logstash/kibana in the same redhat 8 Vm.
elasticsearch is working fine and i can access the port from my laptop browser
logstash i can access on my browser for a short few seconds and it stops. I did read that running logstash it should be a one time , not like a daemon
kibana i started and is running.
i see that kibana listens on port 5601
I have "" in kibana.yml

i still cannot access that server to port 5601 via http://.
from any redhat machine in the same environment i can do a curl
from my browser i can access elasticsearch (so mostly there is no FW)

if i log in the console, i can see http://localhost:5601 -or- kibana and have status, etc. BUT ONLY FROM CONSOLE.

If you have any idea on actually how i can fix this, it would be great.

PS.: this is my first log into this community, that you all for helping us-newbies. ...


Have you set up tsl for security? Have you tried accessing it with https:// ?
Cleared your cookies? in an incognito window?

@tiagocosta can you please grab this one?


@Tunin I feel like we have a lack of information here in order to help you. Can you share the kibana logs please?

Have you tried to setup the security info in the kibana.yml for the elasticsearch?

yes, i did cleared the cookies, did try a different browser, http and https...

thank you,

sorry for late response, I took some days off.

hi Tiago,

sorry for late response (took some days off),
i would definitely provide the logs, if i knew where to find them.

i would like just to have logstash,elasticsearch, and kibana all working and responding via browser.
I need to show that the elastic stack is ready for collecting logs, processing and displaying graphics.

unfortunately, none of the request group have also a clue on the initial steps or how to start it.

what i did so far:
a) downloaded the tar files
b) untared

if you have any tutorial site or initial steps please send to me.

thank you,

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