Unable to access Elasticsearch on WINDOWS : My Elasticsearch successfully installs and generates enrollment id along with rest of the credentials but it is not accessible on port 9200 or 9300. I have not edited the yml file or anything else. Following the instruction of documentation.
Even the kibana runs on local host :5601 . But when I insatll logstash it doesn't connect to port 9200 or 9300: . None of these ports are firewall i have checked for that too. Kindly resolve this issue ASAP.


Does Logstash run on the same machine?

Yes it does

I can access logstash details on but not on local host . How do I access and ingest data in Elasticsearch please tell me

It's super unclear to me. Logstash does not run on port 9200. So what do you mean?

Could you share Elasticsearch logs please? From the start.

Correction i can access my Elasticsearch details on lemme share some screeenshots and respective files . PLease let me know which files do you want.




Meanwhile i can access kibana on localhost:5601
I have not configured any file all the files are default.

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