Yet, another Firewall question

I am running Stack 7.13.4 on Windows 10 with McAfee Small Business Security (a Firewall among other things)

I have two nodes of Elasticsearch and One of Kibana on this one machine.

I have opened TCP/UDP ports 9200, 9201, 9300, 9301, 5601 and I still cannot get a Kibana login on port 5601 screen, nor can I get ES to respond when hitting port 9200

Any ideas what I might have forgotten to do?



I would disable the software entirely to see if that is what is causing the issue.

I turned the Firewall off and I was able to connect without problem.
Do you know if I am opening all the required ports?

OK, Found the problem.
There is an option at the bottom of the firewall config "Open Ports To:" and the choices are "PCs in Work and Home networks only" and "All PCs" . Since the PC was on my home network I had this set to the first option. I tried "All PCs" and now I have access through the FW

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