Unable to connect to Kibana

Hey, Im setting up ELK on a Ubuntu after successfully getting it working on a windows server. However, When I try to browse to my Kibana on port 5601 I just get Unable to Connect. However, I can connect to Elasticsearch on 9200. My Kibana file and ES config files do seem like they should work and the firewall is allowing both ports.
I tried to telnet to 5601 but its still unable to connect, which to me means there is nothing running on that port although it is configured to operate there.
Here is my Kibana conf:
Here is my ES conf:

* Unable to connect to but 9200 is possiblw
* Telnet to 5601 doesnt work either
* Config files seem correct to me
* Firewall is allowing this ports.
* Help pls <3

Are you sure that Kibana has finished starting up? Note that it needs a few minutes to start up the first time from a new install.

If you ssh into the machine that's serving it, can you use a command-line web browser like lynx to browse to ?

Do you have any Kibana plugins installed?