Not able to access 9200 and 5601 but connection with 9100 is fine

I am new to ELK and this forum, if my first post should be posted somewhere else, please feel free to do so and thank you in advance.

I installed the following on a CentOS guest within my vmware in my desktop:
elasticsearch 7.2
HEAD plugin (, don't know what's the version)
Kibana 7.2

From within the guest, everything seems to be working as expected, however, if I visit from host, then only port 9100 is connected, not 9200 and 5601.

I didn't do any firewall setting in the guest.

Can anyone enlighten me with any suggestion on how to start the troubleshooting?

A very detailed info is posted here:

Thank you very much, any clue is highly appreciated.

Hi @pchoix
I think that you should allow both ports in the firewall using:

firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=5601/tcp
firewall-cmd --zone=public --permanent --add-port=9200/tcp

Or you can disable the firewall using:

systemctl stop firewalld

Then try the connection again.


The ports were added already which caused telnet not working;

After I disable firewalld, telnet doesn't give error on 9100, but 9200 and 5601 shows connection cannot be open, this is back to where it was before the firewalld enabled.

Why 9100 by default seems to be open here?

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