Logstash OSS license features and X-PACK


I am using Logstash OSS, and I want to be sure that I dont use x-pack features without Elastic license.

I want to know

  1. Can i use TLS between Filebeat - Logstash, with Logstash/Filebeat OSS Apache 2.0. Or I need to get Elastic License for using TLS.

  2. Is there documentation that provide Logstash features that are available under OSS Apache 2.0 license.

  3. Can I disable use of x-pack feature in Logstash OSS deployment.

Why is that?

If you are downloading the OSS distribution then you won't have to worry about anything that isn't open source being included.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reply.

I want to be sure that I had not overlooked OSS Apache 2.0 license term by using TLS functionality of Logstash.

I'm using OSS binary. In my deployment I'm using TLS on Logstash Beats, Syslog input interface and Syslog output interface.
Earlier license subscription documents from Elastic said the TLS was not x-pack feature for Logstash and Beats. But the current document on license subscription is not clear.

Is there any document that I can refer, to be sure that by using TLS I don't end up using x-pack when I use Logstash-OSS.

If you are using the OSS binary you will never use the non-OSS licensed code.


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