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Is the pipeline config below possible?

input {
beats {
port => "5601"
filter {
mutate {
remove_field => ["@version","@timestamp","path","host", "beat", "message"]
output {
stdout {
codec => avro { schema_uri => "/tmp/avrotest.avsc" }

Getting Error:

{"masked", "masked"=>"masked", "masked"=>"masked"} is not an example of schema

(Konrads Smelkovs) #2

Does a trivial example work at all? Looks like you have a schema error


I Found the schema error but unable to find the right avro data type.


The datum {"Masked"=>#BigDecimal:662a4aa0,'0.455E2',3(4)} is not an example of schema {"type":"record","name":"outer_record","fields":[{"name":"Masked","type":"double"}]}>

Tried using avro type float, java math decimal and decimal with precision, none worked

can I mutate convert that field so that it will out as double or float not BigDecimal:662a4aa0,'0.455E2',3(4)?

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