Logstash-output-google_cloud_storage plugin does not fail when expected

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I'm using logstash to store events/logs in to google cloud storage via the logstash.
Using this plugin https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/plugins-outputs-google_cloud_storage.html

However recently I discovered I've uploaded wrong json_key_file in one of my landscapes, and for days (weeks) logstash has been running and not logging any error that it cannot store the files.

I've verified the issue, and it seems it's not logging any error at all.
I tried setting the log4j2 level to debug and forward the app output to stdout, however the only logs I can see it the incoming events the following message, like it works as expected:

Uploading file to <my-bucket>/events-_event-logstash1-7b747f9779-zttg9_2019-10-21T13:00.part000.f9b790ff-c080-49b3-b579-380855ff1a72.log

However it is provided with invalid credentials for gcp and the file is never uploaded.
Is it something that I'm misconfiguring, or is it a bug?

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Is that the same as this issue?

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Probably yes, it sounds the same when I read trough the description.
However when I was looking for the issue it didn't occur to me it might be the same from the title.
Sorry for the duplication.

Is there any chance this bug to be fixed in the near future?
Or are you open to contributions?

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