Logstash output streaming when ES is down

Hi, what happens when I want to stream my output data from logstash to ElasticSearch when ES is down ? how do I configure my logstash?

If logstash cannot write to its output then it will stop reading inputs. For some inputs (udp comes to mind) that could lead to data loss.

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thanks for the reply. ok sure. I wasnt sure where this question would fit best. ill keep that in mind.
ok so instead of logstash stop reading inputs from the data source, is there any way it could still read the input data and make a queue of data and once Elasticsearch is up it would push the data into ES?
if there is a way, how can I do that?


There is a limited in-memory queue within logstash. If you want logstash to buffer more data then you could use persistent queues. Personally I use kafka to queue data in front of logstash.

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