Logstash output to elasticsearch - how to include external synonims file?

I am using Logstash to output a big CSV file inside an ElasticSearch index and I need to include a SOLR synonims external file (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/analysis-synonym-tokenfilter.html) into account when indexing.

I see that when the index is done directly from ElasticSeaarch Indices API , this operation can be done by specifying the synonim file path in the index configuration JSON, something like :

"custom_synonym": {
"type": "synonym",
"synonyms_path": "analysis/synonyms.txt"

But I can't find anywhere how can I include the same file from the logstash config file when indexing from Logstash

I searched in official documentation, but I can't find any useful hint :


Any idea on how to achieve this ?

The file can't be supplied via the REST API (i.e. Logstash can't supply it). It must reside on the Elasticsearch server's file system.

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