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New user of ES Cloud and logstash. I'm told this is where to post such questions...

config is below, nothing's happening (no new data arrives in es). index has been created with mapping.

any suggestions? i'm assuming i've got my parlance wrong.

also where are logs available to see what's going wrong?


input {
s3 {
bucket => "com.foobar.abc "
region => "us-east-1"
access_key_id => ""
secret_access_key => ""
filter {
output {
elasticsearch { hosts => ["https://xxxdb.us-east-1.aws.found.io:9243"]
index => "test11"
protocol => "http"
port => "9243" }

(Ranjith M) #2

Hello ,
Does it have xpack enabled
Can you share logs after you start Logstash pipeline

(David9) #3

Thanks, I'm on hosted Elastic Cloud. I'm not seeing anything about how to enable XPack, I thought XPack was pre-installed as part of the cloud service. Specifically, which xpack feature are you asking about.

I'm seeing tons of log files however most are INFO, a couple are WARN, none seem to be related to Logstash.

I'm still feeling my way around the interfaces so maybe I'm missing something. THanks.

(Semyon) #4


If you are using a hosted AWS ES service. be familiar with amazon cluster access policy double check networking between logstash instance and ES service, also create an AMI for this purpose of writing to ES.

(Robert Cowart) #5

You already specify port 9243 in the hosts attribute, so you can remove it. You also don't need the protocol attribute. What you need to add is a username and password for your EC instance.

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