Logstash won't forward to Elasticsearch via output plugin


I am trying to modify an existing ELK configuration. Logs are being sent to Logstash via syslog and then forwarded to an Elasticsearch cluster.

I am trying to switch our Elasticsearch endpoints to AWS' ES service. I have modified the existing logstash.conf. AWS is not seeing new data being sent. When I revert the previous configuration the old Elasticsearch servers are not receiving data any more either and nothing is being written to the log file. I am not able to find anything useful here.

I installed logstash-output-amazon_es output plugin. I used sudo to install the plugin.. My best guess is that it screwed up permissions. Honestly I'm really stuck troubleshooting this problem as I have no logs to look at. What is going on here?

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Sounds like something with the AWS specific output plugin.

But I don't think anyone here has knowledge on that one sorry, you may need to try the AWS forums.


The issue was related to the permissions.

Additionally, I needed to create an IAM Role and EC2 Instance Profile.

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