Logstash-outputs-elasticsearch aws endpoint authentication


Using an Elastic.co hosted version of ELK (on AWS)
Attempting to build the filebeat->logstash->elasticsearch pipeline
Configured the ouput {elasticsearch {...}} to point to remote stack

During startup of logstash, I am getting a 401 error from the remote stack.

This appears to be an authentication problem; it does work when I point to locally hosted endpoint.

Will someone please provide a working example of hosts/password which addresses this issue?

New to the Forum, thanks for giving this your attention...

--- Paul

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Providing the config and the complete error would be helpful.


Mark --

thx for responding, I did get past that blocking point. It was but a question within the security/authorization setup, now remedied. (to note... some of the security properties have changed w 5.0)


--- Paul

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