Logstash parse multiple instances of the same word into Elasticsearch Array

(Jose Portocarrero) #1

Hi I am trying to extract the following from a log line into 2 different
array fields

03/07/2014 13:29:43.103 INFO NUM0000001DOS0000001-000000001 TDKIIDKSSS
NUM0000002DOS0000002-000000001 TDKIIDKSSS NUM0000003DOS
0000003-000000001 TTDKIIDKSSS NUM0000004DOS0000004-000000001TDKIIDKSSS NUM
0000005DOS0000005-000000001 TDKIIDKSSS

My issue is that from my experience grok works only on fixed patterns. I am
trying to extract the above numbers from different log lines that would
have NUM and DOS repeated ranging for 2 times or 100 times.

Is there a way to get mutiple repetitions and put them in an array using
logstash for elasticsearch to store?

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