Logstash pass through Index Templates

I send all my data through Logstash. Each time there's a new Elastic release, I have to export the Index Templates for each Beat I'm using (Filebeat, Metricbeat, Heartbeat, & APM Server) and then hand-load them into Elasticsearch via Dev Tools. If I forget to do this and upgrade a host running one of the Beats, it will start sending data to a new index and create its own Mapping because the index templates won't match on the version (e.g., apm-7.15.1-2021.10.23). This causes the UIs in Kibana to stop working. I then have to load the newest Index Templates for that Beat and go back and delete any indices that have already been created matching that version, so they get re-created with the right Mapping, before the UI's light up again.

Is there an easier way?

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