Logstash pipe input suddenly restarting

I am using Logstash's pipe input to run another command, for Snort, and collect its output. It was running fine for a few days, so i was developing grok filters for output and so on, but today when I started Logstash again, it is restarting Snort command each time after Snort initializes.

It wasn't like that before, it just started Snort and i was able to see its stdout on each alert.
This morning, when Snort initializes, it immediately start initializing again, and so on. Snort on itself, without Logstash, is running perfecly fine.

I didn't change anything since the time it was running. It started on its own, just today morning.

I even tried to alter ruby file pipe.rb according to this: https://github.com/elastic/logstash/pull/1415/commits/81cf8754de4b0c1b9efe9490f1af52dd8b01edc6, but it didn' even started Snort.

Any help is appreciated.

Now it suddenly started working again... I just altered pipe.rb back and tried starting it again... No idea what could have caused the restarting.

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