Logstash pipeline terminated with logstash salesforce input plugin without any error logs

I am trying to integrate salesforce logs to ELK platform.
I used logstash salesforce input plugin to load the logs and output to a file. The logstash pipeline is getting terminated within within seconds without any error logs.
My logstash pipeline configuration as follows

input {
   salesforce {
      client_id => 'xxxx' #Salesforce consumer key
      client_secret => 'xxxx' #Salesforce consumer secret
      username => 'xxxx' #the email address used to authenticate
      password => 'xxxx' #the password used to authenticate
      security_token => 'xxxxx' #Salesforce security token
      sfdc_object_name => 'xxxx' #Salesforce object to track
      sfdc_instance_url => 'xxxxx'
output {
  file {
    path => "/tmp/salesforce.log"
  stdout {
    codec => rubydebug

In the logstash logs, I am getting below log
"[2024-05-15T12:58:59,232][INFO ][logstash.javapipeline ][salesforce-pipe] Pipeline terminated {"pipeline.id"=>"salesforce-pipe"}"

Please help me to debug the issue.

Thanks in advance,

Enable log.level debug and see if anything useful gets logged.