Unable to integrate logstash to salesforce

I'm Trying to integrate salesforce to the logstash for data log ingest into ELK stack, But i'm not able connect succefully to the logstash salesforce connection.

I have done connected app as per elastic doc and then provided the consumer key nd secret and security token to logstash config file called (/etc/logstash/conf.d/salesforce.conf
) and my consumer details below are:

input {
   salesforce {
      client_id => 'XXXXXXX' #Salesforce consumer key
      client_secret => 'XXXXX' #Salesforce consumer secret
      username => 'rajxxxx' #the email address used to authenticate
      password => 'Alxxxxx' #the password used to authenticate
      security_token => 'xdxdddd' #Salesforce security token
      sfdc_object_name => 'Opportunity' #Salesforce object to track

output {
   elasticsearch {
      index => "sforce"
      host => "http://xxxxfdxxxx:9200"

Like above my config looks like
please suggest me if i'm wrong on the above config..
Need help on this

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