Logstash pipeline with Elasticsearch on Openshift

Hey everyone,

Usually, I am using curl command to elasticsearch with the following flags:

curl --key /PATH/admin-key --cert /PATH/admin-cert --cacert /PATH/admin-ca -XGET "https://ROUTE:PORT"

This curl command works fine for me but I am not sure how to translate those flags (--key, --cert, --cacert) to my pipeline.

My pipeline looks like this

input {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "ELASTIC_ROUTE"
ca_file => "LOCAL_PATH_TO_CA_FILE"
index => "*"
docinfo => true
size => 10000

But I am getting authentication failed, I am pretty sure that I am missing something but can't find out what exactly.

Any information on the subject will help.

If you want to present a client certificate you would use the keystore and keystore_password options.

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