Logstash pipline elasticsearch input with ssl on ECE 2.4


i want to use logstash elasticsearch input plugin with ssl but i get this error on logstash logs:

size=>1000, scroll=>"1m", docinfo=>false, docinfo_target=>"@metadata", docinfo_fields=>["_index", "_type", "_id"]>
Error: hostname "8b9899f3f39440c9bd4982f67742f7f5.X.X.X.X.ip.es.io" does not match the server certificate
Exception: Faraday::SSLError
Stack: uri:classloader:/META-INF/jruby.home/lib/ruby/stdlib/jopenssl23/openssl/ssl.rb:399:in `post_connection_check'

let me explain more the issue

in the input plugin of logstash i want to extract information from a cluster in our ECE 2.4 over https, i tried the "ssl_certificate_verification" but it does not work as it is not listed in the params of elasticsearch "input" on the docs.

we are using selfsigned certificate on our ECE.

is there any way to bypass the verifisation of the certificate on the pipline elasticsearch input on ECE 2.4

here is my input code:

input {
elasticsearch {
hosts => "8b9899f3f39440c9bd4982f67742f7f5.X.X.X.X.ip.es.io:9243"
index => "index_name"
user => elastic
password => "PASSWORDXXXXX"
ssl => true
ca_file => "/path/to/cert_proxy.pem"

thanks in advance.


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