Hi there,

I'm trying to use elasticsearch input in Logstash. My ES node is secured via TLS. I've configured
ca_file setting in Logstash with my CAchain but I obtain

http client did not trust this server's certificate

in Elasticsearch and

  2210     2210
  2210     Faraday::SSLError
  2210     certificate verify failed

In Logstash.
Logstash worksfine in output. Any suggestion to find the problem?

Thanks a lot.

Please provide the exact configuration you have in Logstash and Elasticsearch.

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Thank you very much for the reply. I solved the problem. It wasn't an ES or LS problem, it was that the Host from I were running LS didn't relsoved the hostname of the Host where was running ES so I had to connect specifying the IP but the IP it wasn't in the certificate for TLS encryption. So a few configuration for hosts resolving fixed the problem.

Thank you.

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