Unable to access elastic search without SSL


I'm trying to pull data from Elasticsearch using logstash pipeline and seeing some issues. I'm able to connect to ES using username and pwd through API (No certificate is provided in the request). However, when trying to connect through logstash pipeline, it is expecting to provide ssl setting and certificate file.

When trying to call Elasticsearch through API, able to connect to ES with basic auth.

Below is my logstash pipeline for input plugin

input {
  elasticsearch {
	hosts => ["https://ipaddress:9200"]
	index => "index"
	user => "username"
	password => "pwd"	

Below is the error in logstash for cert issue

Does logstash require a certificate to authenticate to ES always? If yes, what cert to be used for authentication? SSL or client?

I've tried using ssl=> false, but that's didn't solve the issue.

Is there a way to disable ssl using input plugin?

Hi @newelastic

If Elasticsearch is configured with TLS/SSL(which it appears to be) then Yes If you have a self signed cert, yes you will need to provide a CA.

If you set up Elasticsearch per our docs you should have created a CA ... Use that one.

Disabling ssl will not work..

Also, please don't paste images. They can be nearly impossible to read that cannot be searched and they're very hard to help debug. In fact on my Mobile device the print is too small to read.

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