Logstash-plugin command does not work as expected

I have Logstash working in a basic test scenario on a Windows server but I need to install a plugin. The problem is that the plugin command doesn't seem to work. No matter what option I run the logstash-plugin.bat with all I ever get is the output below:

"Using bundled JDK: ."

I've read a couple of articles where others have had a similar issue but I have not found a resolution yet. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Had the same issue on Windows (no java installed on the system).

Whe using the logstash-plugin.bat I would always get:
"Using bundled JDK: ." followed by "...no java.exe found..."
It's definetly a bug where the logstash-plugin is not using the bundeld JDK correctly.

After setting PATH to the bundeld JDK I would get the same single output line as you, no matter what:
"Using bundled JDK: ."

Setting JAVA_HOME to the bundeld JDK fixed the Problem for me:

  1. Go to Windows Environment Variables
  2. Create a new System Variable with the Name "JAVA_HOME"
  3. Add the Path to the bundeld logstash JDK ([...]/logstash-X.X.X/jdk)

Be aware that setting JAVA_HOME can be problematic if you have other java installations on the system. For my case it works.

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